Vanina Kondova is an actress and a filmmaker, working in Europe, the UK and the US. Born and raised in Bulgaria, she holds a BFA in Acting from the National Theatre and Film Academy and is a graduate of the Atlantic Acting School's Conservatory in New York City.

Vanina has been a member of The Emmys' New York chapter and was recently invited to join the Screen Actors Guild of America. She is the recipient of a Best Actress Award from the National Theatre and Film Academy in Bulgaria, Washington DC's Monologue Madness Sweet 16 Award and the US Visa for Extraordinary Abilities in the Arts.

Vanina is the writer, creator and lead actress of the "Lost & Found, NY" web series, which won Best Webisode in Moscow, Best Web Series in India, received a Best Actress Nomination in Glasgow and has so far been included in the official selections of more than 15 international film festivals, including Los Angeles, London and Rome.

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Lost & Found (web) - In Production of Season 2
Four Seasons (feature) - In Pre-Production
A Dose of Happiness (feature) - directed by Yana Titova
Razzmatazz (feature) - directed by Cedar D. Wolf
Father's Day (TV) - directed by Pavel Vesnakov
Stolen Life (TV) - directed by Dimitar Dimitrov
Hello (short) - directed by Ana Atanassova
Solveig (short) - directed by Yana Titova
The Look In Her Eyes (short) - directed by Brandon Tilghman

Strawberries At The Datcha - directed by Alex Keegan
The Allegory Of The Cave - directed by Cynthia Silver
The Tenant - directed by Stephen Brackett & Teddy Bergman
The Fall - directed by Simon Hanukai
Sleep No More - directed by Felix Barrett
Broken Dolls - directed by Harry Barrandes
Belgrade Trilogy - directed by Diego Villada
Seven - directed by Diego Villada
Factory Girls - directed by Stephen Brackett
Court Play - directed by Greg Kotis
Two Gentlemen of Verona - directed by Borislav Chakrinov
Ashes To Ashes - directed by Lili Videnova

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"Vanina Kondova stood out as an exceptional talent."

 Neil Pepe,
Artistic Director

"She is incredibly truthful and the camera loves her."

Kalin Ivanov,

"Her performance was nothing short of fantastic."

Todd Thaler,
Casting Director

"Everything she does onstage is truthful; there is not a fabricated instinct within her. She naturally has a strong exterior, an almost impenetrable demeanor, but she counters this with a keen and subtle vulnerability that creeps up on you. The overall effect is that she has you, the audience, completely in the palm of her hands."

Stephen Brackett,